my friends cool websites


the website girl! shes cute!

a black box that says "allissa's comfy burrow, now!", with the now at the top right corner.

chloe / KawaiiZenbos

cute creatures. very gay! it likes television broadcasting!

a button with a pink background of a grid of squares and rectangles, with text overlaying it saying "". There are 5 paws that alternate the colors of the trans flag!

em / easrng

she likes javascript, and shes gay..!

a purple colored planet with a the text "easrng" above it, the text written in cursive and purple is flowing in and out of the text.


this cool robot is cool and i love it :3. check out its website here :3!

TakeV / Lambda System

cool robot system whos nice and has a cool website :3! it beeps and boops!